Thursday, April 10, 2003

ugghh... it's Katrina ...Blogger Extraordinaire - NOT!

It didn't occur to me that Polly would show up....mmm. Sorry for confusion.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Hi Polly!
Could you please identify yourself a little more? I don't have a Polly Steel registered in any of my classes??
Thanks - Anne BB

I am on the job and starting my blog …slow …but am now here.

To start, these are the webzines that I have subscribed to:

Learning Circuits (American Society of Training and Development)

I have subscribed to this one for a while now and find it the best. I don’t always get to read everything but find the articles useful really useful for work.

Each month I also get the (paper based) ‘T&D” magazine from ASTD. I think it is very good …particularly for uni assignments. I probably shouldn’t say it but I think it is much better than the AITD (Australian Institute for Training and Development) ie more in depth articles and is monthly instead of quarterly.

Elliott Masie's TechLearn TRENDS

I have also subscribed to this one for a while but have to be honest, only glance at it. It is usually Elliott Masie’s “thoughts of the day”.

The new ones that I have subscribed to are:
eLearn Magazine

elearnmag@ACM.ORG - ‘NEWS-FEATURES" and

eLearning Magazine – eLearning NewsLine

I have not received anything yet from these ones yet… so I will have to wait to assess.